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Tactical Backpack for 3Days

Are you ready for 3-5 days of combat missions? Our tactical backpack will become your most reliable companion. Crafted with 634D ballistic fabric, this backpack offers exceptional cut-resistant protection, empowering you with a sense of accomplishment. The versatile Molle System allows you to organize and adjust accessories according to your individual needs.
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Product Description

- Cut-resistant Material: 

Made with 630D cordura fabric, providing superior cut-resistant capabilities.

Built to handle up to 50 kilograms and a spacious 65-liter capacity, providing ample space for all your mission-critical gear.

Designed to perform in temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliable functionality in various environments.


- Universal Accessory Pack: Removable and interchangeable accessory packs on both sides of the backpack, effortlessly meeting various demands.R5VM8878

- Ergonomic Carrying System: 

Advanced ergonomic carrying system with excellent breathability and pressure relief for exceptional comfort.

Equipped with a secure chest strap to minimize lateral movement during intense movements, ensuring stability and balance.

The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to accommodate different heights, providing personalized comfort for each user.


- Load-bearing Waist Belt: 

Equipped with a waist belt that helps to lighten the load during marches, ensuring greater ease of movement.

The MOLLE waist belt allows for additional attachment of accessory packs as per your specific requirements.


- Aluminum Alloy Load-bearing Strip: Aluminum alloy load-bearing strip integrated into the backpack's back panel, offering optimal support and comfort.


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